Re: HTML Media Capture draft from Device APIs and Policy Working Group

Le jeudi 22 juillet 2010 à 09:30 -0700, Jonas Sicking a écrit :
> > So, you're suggesting an asynchronous MediaFile.getFormatData() rather
> > than the MediaFile.format attribute? I can see the value of not loading
> > up data into memory ever time, but this will make access to these data
> > rather more painful for developers; that may be an acceptable price to
> > pay.
> Indeed. Asynch APIs are definitely more painful to use. However
> authors usually also care about performance, so slow performing UAs
> are also painful them.

I've now updated the spec to use an asynchronous accessor, see:

It currently offers an error callback with two possible error code
(unknown and timeout); feedback on whether this is useful at all, and
what other error codes would be relevant would be welcome.


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