Re: ISSUES 90, 91, 93, 96, 97 -- if you support these change proposals

> Does anyone seriously believe that developers are going to use this
> far more cumbersome workaround waiting for this less that useful
> element to get broad implementation?

While I'm not crazy about the wording of your question, yes. Not only do
I expect developers to use shims like Mathias' <details> plugin, Mike
Taylor's <datalist>, placeholder="", and autofocus="" plugins[1], and
others, I embrace the general trend. This is exactly what libraries like
Modernizr[2] and the html5shiv[3] are for.

Mike gave a great talk last weekend at the Bay Area jQuery Conference
about this. He hasn't yet put the slides up on his site, but here's a
decent enough summary of things:

{Pro,Re}gressive Enhancement FTW,




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