Re: Gloss standard terminology for resource/representation (ISSUE-81 Change Proposal)

On 08.04.2010 10:56, Ian Hickson wrote:
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>> If the term "resource" is used sometimes for "resource", and sometimes for
>> "representation" then Dan's proposed text should be modified to address this.
> The term "resource" is never used for "representation", but it is
> sometimes used for other purposes altogether, like a file that has no
> corresponding URL (and thus isn't a "representation" of a "resource" in
> the HTTP sense), or more generally, to refer to supplies of memory,
> bandwidth, storage space, and the like.
> ...

I'm confused. The spec now says:

"What some specifications, in particular the HTTP and URI 
specifications, refer to as a representation is referred to in this 
specification as a resource. [HTTP] [RFC3986]"

That seems to be in conflict with what Ian said in his email.

I also note that the current text got objections from both Roy and me, 
and Dan was proposing to make the citations more specific (which I 

I believe this needs more work.

Best regards, Julian

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