Re: ISSUE-107 Change Proposal: Replace <object> fallback example

On 23.04.2010 02:44, Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Apr 2010, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>> It seems like some of these examples are not approaches that we should
>> be recommending to authors. In particular:
>>> * showing not offering fallback at all
>>> * showing a useless comment typical on the Web, saying that the plugin is
>>>   not installed or is disabled, with no proposed alternative
>>> * showing an honest message equivalent to the useless comment mentioned
>>>   above (this is the one being objected to)
>> What is the purpose of the above three examples? It seems like they
>> would only be helpful as examples of what *not* to do.
>> Are there other examples in the spec that illustrate a poor authoring
>> practice?
> We're talking about plugins here. There are no good authoring practices,
> only bad ones and worse ones.
> ...


Ian, of course you are entitled to your opinion with respect to plugins 
-- but only as long you separate it from your editorial work for this 
Working Group.

So - if you disagree with Lachlan's proposal (as a *replacement* for the 
example that is currently in the spec) then by all means submit a 
counter proposal.

Best regards, Julian

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