ISSUE-107 Change Proposal: Replace <object> fallback example

   This is an alternate change proposal for ISSUE-107.


The example provided for using the the param element to pass parameters 
to a plugin within a page does not demonstrate best practice.  This 
example should be replaced with a more appropriate example.


The current spec providedes an unrealistic example designed to 
discourage the use of plugins due to their proprietary nature.  While 
encouraging the use of vendor-neutral technologies over proprietary 
technologies is a noble goal, the example would better serve web 
developers by demonstrating how plugins can be used without being 
detrimental to those without the plugin installed.


Replace the example provided in "The param Element" section (currently 
section 4.8.5) with the following:


<html lang="en">
   <title>O3D Utah Teapot</title>
    <object type="application/">
     <param name="o3d_features" value="FloatingPointTextures">

     <img src="o3d-teapot.png" alt="3D teapot illustration rendered 
using O3D.">
     <p>For an enhanced experience, we recommend that you install
        the <a href="/get-plugin">O3D plugin</a>.
    <script src="o3d-teapot.js"></script>


Note: This example is based on this commonly used 3D teapot

As in the current example in the spec, the param element in the example 
needs to be highlighted.


*Positive Effects*

* Shows a more realistic example, illustrating the use of the param element.
* Encourages best practice by providing better quality fallback.

*Negative Effects*


*Conformance Classes Changes*

None.  This is a change to a non-normative example only.

*Describe any risks.*




Lachlan Hunt - Opera Software

Received on Thursday, 22 April 2010 12:15:55 UTC