CfC: Close ISSUE-81 representation-vs-resource without prejudice

The spec has been updated to include a gloss for the term  
"representation", which explains the difference in usage compared to  
other specs such as HTTP and URI. This change seems to satisfy Dan  
Connolly, the author of the Change Proposal, and at least some other  
members of the Working Group. The Chairs are aware that some object  
and would like to see a more extensive change to the spec. We feel  
that more than adequate time has been given to express other  
resolutions to this issue in the form of a Change Proposal, and we are  
not willing to hold the issue open indefinitely.

Therefore, at this time, we propose to close the issue without  
prejudice. If anyone wants to provide a more extensive proposal for  
this issue at a later time, they will be free to do so, but if the  
issue is closed without prejudice, we will not block Last Call on  
awaiting further input. If anyone objects to closing the issue without  
prejudice at this time, we expect to see a reasonable plan to provide  
an alternate proposal. If we get objections and no reasonable plan of  
action, then we will look to resolve the issue promptly by means such  
as a survey.

If there are no objections, this issue will be closed without  
prejudice on April 28, 2010.


Received on Wednesday, 21 April 2010 22:39:14 UTC