Re: Old resolved bugs (and sorry for the spam)

On Mar 14, 2010, at 9:31 AM, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> I did the mass move.
> Bugs in this set will be marked NoReply in a month unless one of the  
> following happens:
> (1) The bug is moved to CLOSED (and optionally tagged with the  
> Disagree keyword).
> (2) The bug is tagged with TrackerRequest or TrackerIssue keywords.
> (3) The bug is reopened.
> If you are the originator of any of these bugs, or otherwise have an  
> interest in it please consider taking one of those three actions.  
> Note that you should do only *one* of these three things in order to  
> reply to the bug. In particular, it's not necessary to reopen a bug  
> that is tagged TrackerIssue or TrackerRequest.
> Here is the list of bugs that will be marked NoReply if no action is  
> taken (this excludes bugs already tagged with one of the relevant  
> keywords):
> There are currently 570.

There were 493 bugs left, I am in the process of marking them all  
NoReply. I stopped halfway because I noticed that the change was  
mailbombing the list. I will do the remainder once we change our  
bugzilla setup to avoid such mailbombs.


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