looking for the use case for HTML->Atom conversion

On 15.04.2010 00:22, Edward O'Connor wrote:
> Julian wrote:
>> Also, it's not clear *at all* whether this is a feature that people
>> really want
> It's a feature I really want. I'd like to simply publish semantic HTML
> and have software produce whatever other formats I need from the HTML
> that I write.

Clarifying: your software (at time of publication), or the consumer's 

In the first case: nobody's stopping you from doing it already. It 
doesn't need standardization.

In the second case: do you expect consumers (such as feed readers) to 
start accepting this format in addition to Atom and maybe the many 
things called "RSS"? In which case we would change the target audience 
of the spec to include a whole new set of clients.

> ...

Best regards, Julian

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