RE: Removal of other semantic elements

Shelley Powers wrote:
> But if you don't like my change proposals, I would enjoy reading your
> counter proposals.

Requesting a point of clarification from the Chairs:

Recently, Shelley put forth a number of Change Proposals that seeks to
remove semantic elements from the Draft Specification of HTML5. In the
ensuing dialog around these proposals, Shelley indicates that those that
disagree with her proposals should (Must? May?) put forth alternative
proposals, or counter proposals.

My question to the chairs is: if I am personally satisfied that the
current Draft is fine as written, am I obliged or recommended to put forth
either a counter-proposal or alternate change proposal (which would read -
don't change)? I fundamentally disagree with Shelley's proposals,
reasoning and rationale, and would like to know specifically how to
respond - if indeed any further response is appropriate. To date, I have
indicated my disagreement via the HTML WG Mailing List, as well as other
fora outside of the HTML WG
-on-accessibility/), however if there is a more formal requirement needed
to counter these proposals I would very much like to be aware of it.

Thank you.


Received on Monday, 5 April 2010 17:38:14 UTC