Re: thoughts on @profile (ISSUE-55)

Julian Reschke On 09-05-22 14.54:
> Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
>> Björn Höhrmann's argument for not fixing the HTML Tidy bug is that 
>> HTML 4.01 says "profile = uri [CT]", hence it must be meant "a single 
>> URI", despite the fact the text of the following sentence directly 
>> says that @profile may be contain several URIs. The issue was also 
>> debated in the www-html list in 2006 [1], because Björn pointed out 
>> that the XHTML working group, due some thought about using @profile 
>> as a identifier for compound documents, had limited the @profile to 
>> only take one URI! Björn 
> Interesting. Is this reflected in a *published* recommendation somewhere?

In the current version of M12N (XHTML Modularization 1.1), the data type 
of @profile is "URIs" [1]. The change from "URI" [2]  to "URIs" happened 
[3] a few months after Björn Höhrmanns message.  

I could not find anything that reflected that the data type was change 
/from URIs, and then to URI, and then back to URIs again, as Björn 
seemed to claim. On the contrary, his remark caused the M12N document to 
be updated to say "URIs". However, this has not been reflected whether 
in the HTML 4 DTD or in XHTML 1.0 - they do not even operate with the 
"URIs" data type at all.

Another possible interpretation is that the quote referred to some kind 
of change that happened when they started to define M12N back in 1999 
[4]. Perhaps it is was /then/ that they, when reading the HTML 4 
specification, decided to make a change that broke with the prose of 
HTML 4? (That is: Unlike Björn, they took the prose as authoritative, 
but decided specify M12N differently.) That is the only way I can make 
sense of this, with the current info ...

By the way, I have discovered that the M12N actually isn't consistent 
with itself. While it indeed - since July 2006 - says "profile (URIs)" 
[5], the schema definition [6] and the DTD definition [7] does not say so.

leif halvard silli

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