Re: ACTION-103, was: Registering the about: URI scheme

Julian Reschke wrote:
> Joseph A Holsten wrote:
>> Apologies, I've let my final semester stand in the way of my 
>> obligation to all of you. I've been in contact with the IETF, and 
>> resubmitted the updated draft today. I screwed up some dates, versions 
>> in the draft, but the current submission should be accepted and ready 
>> for uri review. I'll be pushing the draft into uri-review as soon as I 
>> hear back from the IETF secretary.
> Thanks for the update!
>> I agree, but that means that about: can't be standardized until HTML 
>> is standardized. Unless about: has no HTML-specific origin policy at 
>> all, this section is just going to beg questions.
>> Since about: is really designed for application-local resources, it 
>> seems reasonable to leave origin policy to more application oriented 
>> specs. Of course, since the only apps that actually implement about: 
>> uris are browsers, that's just a pedantic strawman.
>> So the frame becomes, is it worthwhile to have an application agnostic 
>> position? If so, is it possible to spec the origin policy free of 
>> HTML5, or should it say nothing? Otherwise, how does the spec remove 
>> reference to a changing HTML5 spec without cramping HTML's style?
> If the "about:" URI scheme can not be standardized without a normative 
> reference to the HTML spec, then a simples approach is to move the 
> registration into the HTML spec.
> That being said, it should be possible to split the discussion of syntax 
> and semantics of a about: URI from the processing requirements inside a UA.
> BR; Julian

Feeding the Issue Tracker:

In the meantime, a new draft has been published 
(<>, thanks 
Joseph!), but I haven't seen any new discussion here, nor on the URI 
mailing list.

BR, Julian

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