Re: [whatwg] Helping people seaching for content filtered by license

On Sat, 9 May 2009, Julian Reschke wrote:
> Out of curiosity, where do the requirements below come from?
> "* License proliferation should be discouraged."
> I agree that License proliferation is problematic, but it seems to be an 
> totally orthogonal issue.

This request came from requests from a number of organisations that I 
consulted with, for example Google's license compliance team. It was a 
common thread in feedback from open source groups.

> "* Shouldn't require the consumer to write XSLT or server-side code to 
> process the license information."
> Why single out XSLT? And what has server-side code to do with this?

This requirement originally came form Daniel O'Connor in a blog comment 

He has since clarified that he means this more broadly that he would like 
to minimise the number of times that authors should rewrite parsing code.

> "* Should not require changes to HTML5 parsing rules."
> I understand that it's not desirable at this point to change the parsing 
> rules, but I have a hard time understanding how it gets into this 
> requirements list.

I couldn't find the original e-mail that caused me to add this, but it's 
along the same vein as the others; someone requested that we make sure 
that microdata solutions not require changes to the core syntax.

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