Re: ACTION-103, was: Registering the about: URI scheme

Julian Reschke wrote:
> Joseph A Holsten wrote:
>> A new draft should be published very soon. Once that's up, I intend to 
>> discuss registration on uri-review. I've still got a few outstanding 
>> questions about handling unknown about URIs, whether the reference to 
>> HTML5 should be normative, and the appropriate origin policy for about 
>> URIs besides about:blank. Just minor issues.
>> If you'd like to see the changes so far, see 
> Joseph, any news on this?
> Best regards, Julian

It seems we are not making progress on this anymore. Which is very 
unfortunate, because if we don't, we'll have to resolve ISSUE-54 
(<>) differently.


1) Joseph, any news on the new draft? In case you tried submitting it 
and failed, please follow up with me and/or the IETF secretariat.

2) I'm still concerned by the normative reference to HTML5 in the 
version dated April 3 

>    The HTML representation of the URI about:blank MUST use the origin
>    and the effective script origin as defined by HTML5 Section 5.4
>    Origin [W3C.WD-html5]. The origin of the about:blank Document is set
>    when the Document is created. If the new browsing context has a
>    creator browsing context, then the origin of the about:blank Document
>    is the origin of the creator Document. Otherwise, the origin of the
>    about:blank Document is a globally unique identifier assigned when
>    the new browsing context is created.

In order to avoid a circular normative reference between two specs by 
two different SDOs, I'd propose to move that requirement into the HTML5 
spec instead.

BR, Julian

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