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Re: &foo= in attribute values (and why defining conformance matters)

From: Simon Pieters <simonp@opera.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 14:38:55 +0200
To: "Ian Hickson" <ian@hixie.ch>, Kornel <kornel@geekhood.net>, "Jonas Sicking" <jonas@sicking.cc>, "John Foliot" <jfoliot@stanford.edu>
Cc: "Julian Reschke" <julian.reschke@gmx.de>, public-html@w3.org
Message-ID: <op.uvile5aiidj3kv@simon-pieterss-macbook.local>
On Sat, 13 Jun 2009 00:22:19 +0200, Ian Hickson <ian@hixie.ch> wrote:

>> Writing HTML documents seems to make this valid:
>>    <a href="&copy=">
>> and claims that the attribute value contains just text and no character
>> references (since character references end with ";").
>> Yet, Parsing HTML documents interprets the above the same as <a
>> href="©=">, as far as I can tell.
> Oops, I forgot about that case. Ok, reverted the change.

It might still be reasonable to change the parsing rules to make the above  
case less surprising:

>>   3. Tweak the parsing rules so that = is treated the same as 0-9a-zA-Z.

It would be different form what IE does, but I would be surprised if Web  
compat requires the IE behavior here.

Simon Pieters
Opera Software
Received on Sunday, 14 June 2009 12:39:51 UTC

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