Re: getElementsByName should match any element

On Thu, 14 May 2009, Simon Pieters wrote:
> It seems getElementsByName as specified in HTML5 does not match what 
> WebKit, Gecko and Opera do.
> HTML5 says to only match a certain set of elements with a name 
> attribute. WebKit and Gecko match any element (in any namespace) with a 
> name attribute. Doing what the spec says will likely break pages [1], so 
> we'll probably align with WebKit and Gecko here.
> [1]

As far as I can tell the spec does match what the most widely deployed 
browser does.

What do other browser vendors want here? Should I not match IE?

(I definitely don't want to make it ignore the namespace. It's bad enough 
that we're considering making APIs that encourage screwing up HTML by 
sprinkling name="" attributes everywhere; we don't want to screw up SVG 
and MathML as well.)

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