Re: <font color="blue"> (was ISSUE-32)

On Mon, 08 Jun 2009 15:10:31 +0200, Sam Ruby <> wrote:
> So, as a first step, can I get people to express opinions on which of
> the following should apply to <font color="blue">:
> 1) It's a conformance error, such as it is today in HTML 5.
> 2) It's a a downplayed error at it represents vestigial markup.
> 3) It's conformant.
> 4) The HTML 5 spec should be silent on this matter.

Since you asked again for input I thought I should reply though I think that going forward using some kind of survey tool for this would be better both in terms email traffic and getting a good overview of the results. My preference goes to 1 although 2 seems acceptable as well. I cannot live with 4. Leaving things undefined is a slippery slope.

Anne van Kesteren

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