Re: <font color="blue"> (was ISSUE-32)

Lachlan Hunt wrote:
> Shelley Powers wrote:
>> With the new June 3rd addition to the HTML 5 specification that 
>> demands active non-support for elements/attributes not specifically 
>> mentioned in the spec, user agents are now told that they must not 
>> support non-existent (never existed, or previously existed but now 
>> obsolete)  elements and attributes. According to the HTML 5 spec, 
>> FONT could then be non-conformant, which means, if I read the HTML 5 
>> spec correctly, user agents _must not_ support the element.
> No, the parsing section defines how font elements need to be parsed 
> and the rendering section defines how to render them.
> In the parsing section, search for "font" to see where the start and 
> end tags for the font element, and the element itself, is handled 
> throughout the tree construction phase.
> In the fonts and colous rendering section, see the paragraphs 
> beginning with "When a font element..."
(Grumbles to self: I really hate having to follow a link back to the 
WhatWG version of the HTML5 spec, as it crashes my browser, every time. 
The document is too big, and all the extra WhatWG 'stuff' just makes it 
worse. )

Lachlan, you misread my statement. I was referring to elements that have 
been made obsolete in the HTML5, or that have never existed. The 
"non-conforming" elements. It was a general statement.

As for font element, I see the section on rendering, but I can't find 
the parsing section. Do you have a direct link? I looked to see if it 
was still deprecated, but just can't find anything about this.


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