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Re: Firing media events early for throttled downloads

From: Joe D Williams <joedwil@earthlink.net>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 09:33:25 -0700
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To: "John Foliot" <jfoliot@stanford.edu>, "'Boris Zbarsky'" <bzbarsky@MIT.EDU>
Cc: "'public-html'" <public-html@w3.org>

>> but if
>> you must have it autoplay, use the declarative method of doing so".

I basically agree but there are multiple media and multiple fallback. 
I'd like to know if the user has turned off autoplay, or turned it on.
Making audio and video each a first class object is a great way to 
give the author more choices and the user more control.
Is autoplay a feature of either element in the user style sheet? W/B 
listing would work but specable?.

Are there some of the same considerations as for other embedded 
content like <object> with sandbox attribute?
The sandbox feature seems to be taking shape as an authoring feature 
where the author of the page tells the object what it can do. That is, 
if I am reading it correctly, if you as an author leave out @sandbox 
on the <object> then the thing is produced as a full-featured nested 
browsing context in the host DOM with its own internal or 
author-defined defaults. Other keys give sandbox other restrictions on 
the embedded media.

Of course the user must have some choices also but for historic audio 
and video in embed and object there is always a autostart true/false 
parameter available somewhere. So first it is my choice as an author. 
Yes, my audio is on and if you want to hear it then you as the user 
must get everything else out of the way and tune in over here. Or, the 
audio might be the primary initial contact by design or it might be 
fallback or a media style choice.

autostarting anything is not too big a problem unless you are resource 
limited. If bandwidth is limited then the user may want to be able to 
start and stop the download to control use of  that resource. Thus the 
user should be able to have some play/stop playing/stop downloading 
control to override the author, however I do not have an idea about 
how to spec this.

Thank You and Best Regards,
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