RE: Firing media events early for throttled downloads

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> John Foliot wrote:
> > LOL, I never actually suggested removing autoplay pre-se, but *DID*
> suggest
> > that we not advocate it any documentation.
> I'm not actually sure what you mean by that...

Much earlier in this thread, Ian Hickson wrote: "...we have an explicit 
"autoplay" attribute which we should be encouraging authors to use 
instead.", to which I responded that we shouldn't be _encouraging_ authors 
to use autoplay - period. (we should instead be suggesting that in-page 
media not autoplay, but leave the final decision to the author - providing 
the UA's can over-ride the author's suggestion).

> Again, I'm not sure what you're saying.  I'm thinking a user experience
> much like the popup blocker in Firefox, say.  When the page tries to
> start playing at a time when it's clear that the user didn't request it
> (including the autoplay attribute), the UA prevents the action and
> notifies the user.  The user can then allow the action this time, allow
> it in general for this site, forbid in general for this site.

Shared vision, with the exception that (IMHO) there should also be a 
"...forbid always" setting.

> The UI and interaction details would be up to the UA, of course; the
> spec would allow such behavior, but not require it.

I thought you were talking about a client-side scripted feature[*], and was 
saying instead that it needs to be a UA feature, which is what you just 
said.  Yes, exactly, this is what we should have.


[*] "... allowing the script _some_ way...", "... restrictions 
are heuristics that differ in different browsers..."

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