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> 2009/7/11 John Drinkwater <>:
>> Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo wrote:
>>> I would like to propose adding a new attribute to <input type="file">,
>>> named (for example) maxsize, it should contain a number, the maximum
>>> size in bytes allowed by for each single file to be uploaded to the
>>> server. If it's missing, or it isn't a positive integer, it will
>>> default to 0, meaning that no file check will be done at the client
>>> side.
>>> Following on that, then comes the issue of <input type="file"
>>> multiple>, instead of adding another attribute to the input element, I
>>> think that it might be better to add it to the <form>, defining the
>>> total size that can be sent as the body of the POST to the server, if
>>> the sum of files and other text data it's over the maximum allowed
>>> size the form will fail the validation and won't be submitted.
>> Or the attribute maxsize would apply per file, so the total permitted  
>> would
>> be maxsize × quantity of files selected. Would that fit better?
> The maxsize in the <input> would apply to each file, that's what you
> describe. But the overall maximum size of the upload might be
> different, so it needs a way to restrict it.
> The developer might state that each uploaded file must be a maximum of
> 5Mb, and at the same time he wants to allow to upload up to 20 files
> at a time, but he knows that the server is configured so it only
> accepts 20Mb in each POST, so you can upload 4 files of 5Mb each, or
> 20 files of 1Mb each (and every other possible combination).
> In the <form> the maxsize would be mostly the maximum upload size
> allowed by the server, and the restriction of maxsize for each
> individual file would be a preference of the site.
> I think that it covers any combination that way.

There is work in the Web Apps working group on file upload and file apis -
it would be valuable to forward this suggestion to the relevant list.

File Upload draft:
File I/O will move to device API group but there is an old draft at which is an Opera  
submission to the old webAPI group on the topic (there are various  
flavours of this around now...).



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