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re: HTML5 Microdata feedback/questions

From: Oli <1.w3c.org@boblet.net>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 16:41:35 +0900
Message-Id: <1DD10897-1E76-4CF7-AB11-B73EF27C3071@boblet.net>
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Hi all,

re: http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/multipage/microdata.html#md-vcard-tel-type

# 5.4.2 vCard

I’m a little confused about how to specify multiple types of tel  
property, and on how to mark up multiple telephone numbers in a vcard.  
This text is from the description of tel type:

“Any number of properties with the name type may be present within  
the item that forms the value of a tel property of an item with the  
type vcard, but within each such tel property item there must only be  
one type property per distinct value.”

Initially I read this as ‘each tel value can only have one type  
property’ (this sentence is a little difficult to understand), but I  
now think it means:

“There can be more than one type property in a tel property value  
(inside a vcard item), as long as each each type property is  
associated with only one value”

Combining that with “If any of the tokens are a predefined type, then  
there must not be any other tokens that are predefined types.” from  
5.2.2, this means I can’t declare a tel value as eg "work voice fax",  
right? Note this contradicts “An element introdicing a property can  
also introduce multiple properties at once, to avoid duplication when  
some of the properties have the same value.” at the end of 5.1.1, so  
if it’s the case it’d be good to add a predefined type exception to  
the 5.1.1 text.

Also, using the spec’s Jack Bauer example (in Japanese for extra  
fun), would this be the correct way to list multiple phone numbers?  
Because the type property spans contain Japanese I’ve used titles— 
is that correct?

<section item="vcard" lang="ja>
<h1 itemprop="fn">ジャック・バーワ</h1>
<ul itemprop="tel">
<li item><span itemprop="type" title="work">会社</span>:<span  
itemprop="value">+1 (310) 597 3781</span></li>
<li item><span itemprop="type" title="fax">ファックス</span>: 
<span itemprop="value">+1 (310) 597 3782</span></li>
<li item><span itemprop="type" title="cell">携帯</span>:<span  
itemprop="value">+1 (555) 8716 1234</span></li>

# example has an extra >

<li itemprop="tel" item><span itemprop="value">+1 (310) 555 3781</ 
span> <span><meta itemprop="type" content="cell">mobile phone</span>></ 
<li itemprop="tel" item><span itemprop="value">+1 (310) 555 3781</ 
span> <span><meta itemprop="type" content="cell">mobile phone</span></ 

# meta vs span with content attribute

Also, any idea if browsers will make <meta> content attributes  
accessible to end users, eg via tool tips? What are the advantages of  
including a <meta> element are over allowing elements like <span> to  
also have content attributes? eg

<li itemprop="tel" item><span itemprop="value">+1 (310) 555 3781</ 
span> <span itemprop="type" content="cell">mobile phone</span></li>

# meta URL

Finally http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/multipage/semantics.html#meta 
  should probably be http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/multipage/semantics.html#the-meta-element 
  for consistency.

Thanks for your time

peace - oli studholme
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