Re: HTML5 feedback from prominent designers

On Aug 31, 2009, at 2:18 PM, Jeremy Keith wrote:

> Shelley wrote:
>> A formal "superfriends" page, though I'm not sure where the  
>> "superfriends" term came from:
> Well, I suggested "HTML5 Super Best Friends Club" but I guess that  
> was too verbose. ;-)
>> I noticed they hadn't been sent to the WG yet
> We'll be following up our blog posts with specific feedback to the  
> list ...although that does raise the question: which list?
> Should issues with specific language features (e.g. the content  
> model of the <footer> element) be sent to the WHATWG list rather  
> than the HTML WG list? (excuse my ignorance, but I'm new to this  
> whole process)

Either is acceptable. If you are a member of the HTML WG and don't  
have a particular preference, I would suggest the HTML WG list.  The  
main difference in audience is that some important constituencies  
(Microsoft, WAI) follow the HTML WG but not the WHATWG list, though  
the WHATWG list has more subscribers overall.


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