Re: Please Specify Behavior for @rel="next | prev"

>> If there is a browser UI feature you really truly want, then
>> the right way to pursue that would be to submit feature requests to your
>> favorite browsers.

> Surely for interoperability,...
> A final thought... before tabbed browsers, nobody was clamoring for
> browser tabs, but once they were introduced, people loved them

I was thrilled by the Next shortcut in Opera.

But when it went away with an upgrade, I wasn't sufficiently
distraught that I downgraded again, or even that I figured out how to
customize the UI and get it back.  So this particular feature has been
tried, but quite found compelling.

That said, the reason it went away with the upgrade is that Opera was
trying to harmonize their keyboard shortcuts with MSIE -- having a
list of "standard" shortcut keys might have prevented this from
becoming a problem in the first place.


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