Re: ISSUE-53: mediatypereg - suggest closing on 2009-09-03

On Aug 31, 2009, at 14:22, Julian Reschke wrote:

>>>> Apart from this whether this is or is not a requirement, what is  
>>>> useful about this being defined in HTML5 if it has absolutely no  
>>>> effect on anyone whatsoever?
>>> It isn't. It was Ian's choice to do it this way. My proposal is  
>>> and was to leave the registration in a separate document, which  
>>> can continue to also reference previous specs.
>> That is not an answer to my question. But since you put it this  
>> way, why would the media type registration document have to  
>> reference the previous specifications?
> Because the point of a media type registration is to point  
> recipients to a description of the format, sufficient to understand  
> the document.

Now I'm confused by your argument. Why do *recipients* need anything  
more than the processing requirements given by HTML5?

Henri Sivonen

Received on Monday, 31 August 2009 11:33:35 UTC