up up up, was: Last Call: draft-nottingham-http-link-header (Web Linking) to Proposed Standard

Ian Hickson wrote:
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> The main advantage of rel="up up up" rather than rel="up3" is that for UAs 
> that only need to know that the link is an "up" and don't care about how 
> far "up" it goes, the keyword automatically works -- you don't have to do 
> rel="up up3". Also, it means that we don't have to register an infinite 
> number of keywords for all possible depths.
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(moving this particular discussion over to the HTML WG mailing list)

The main disadvantage is that a recipient that only looks for "up" and 
which tries to build a tree of resources, treating "up up up" as "up" 
will create a broken tree.

On the other hand, the advantage you are citing is only an advantage if 
a given resource only contains "up up up", but not also "up up" and 
"up". What you be the point of that?

BR, Julian

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