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Hi bruce, agree with you,
the concerns I have with the mapping of ARIA landmark roles to HTML 5
elements are:
1. there is no comparable element to role="main"
2. there is no comparable element to role="banner" as <header> is allowed to
be used multiple times within a document and it states in the ARIA spec that
'Within any document or application, the author *SHOULD* mark no more than
one element with the banner role.'
3. while currently role="contentinfo" does not have an authoring restriction
like role="banner", i believe this is an oversight, and it should have. If
so there will be the same issue with mapping it to <footer>, which can also
be present multiple times in a html5 document.

2009/8/28 Bruce Lawson <>

> On Fri, 28 Aug 2009 09:24:07 +0100, Jonas Sicking <>
> wrote:
> While I think the idea of a <main> or <content> element might sound
>> worth-while, it would be nice if we could avoid calling the element
>> <content> in order to avoid confusion with the element of the same
>> name (but different namespace) in XBL2
> <main> would work, and nicely parallels the ARIA use.
> Regardless of purity, authors *want* to have a <main> tag.
> HTML5 doctor gets lots of emails about how to mark up main content, and
> it's arguably the biggest misuse of <section> as people are using <section>
> to do it.  (HTML5 doctor itself does it like this; we know, and plan to
> change it)
> Perhaps we've all be brainwashed by those evil Web Standards People, but it
> doesn't seem right that you  mark up the peripheral stuff with their own
> elements, but the main content -the purpose of the page- merely gets a
> measley meaningless generic <div>.
> Of course, I'm entirely wrong. I'll get my coat.
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