Re: ISSUE-37 - html-svg-mathml - suggest closing on 2009-08-20

On Aug 27, 2009, at 05:30, Cameron McCormack wrote:

> Henri Sivonen:
>> In practice, HTML5 is designed to integrate with SVG 1.1 Full and
>> any compatibility with parts of SVG 1.2 Tiny is incidental.
>> Personally, I think expending effort towards integrating with SVG
>> 1.2 Tiny isn't worthwhile, since SVG 1.2 Tiny doesn't target the
>> same environment that HTML 5 and SVG 1.1 Full target.
> I donít agree that itís not worthwhile, especially if little effort
> needs to be made.

My concern is that fully integrating SVG 1.2 Tiny brings CURIEs, the  
<handler>/<event>/ev:event stuff and xml:id into HTML parsing through  
a back door.

I'm also concerned about textArea duplicating the functionality of  
having a CSS formatter in a <foreignObject>, but adding textArea to  
the case fixup tables worries me less from the parser/DOM POV than the  
above-mentioned things.

There's also new stuff that seems good, such the focusable attribute.

Henri Sivonen

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