New co-chairs for HTML Working Group

Dear HTML Working Group,

As you may know by now, Chris Wilson (Microsoft) has stepped down
as co-Chair of the group. I would like to thank Chris for his work in
this group, and look forward to his continued W3C participation.

Thanks also to Sam Ruby (IBM), who has worked to bring participants
into the group and to foster dialog with other groups.

In light of this transition, I take this opportunity to announce that
the following people will join Sam as co-Chairs:

* Paul Cotton (Microsoft). Paul is Partner Group Manager at Microsoft,
  where he manages the Web Services Standards and Partners team and
  helps drive Microsoft's interoperability and standards strategy.
  Paul has been active in W3C since 1998. In addition to
  participating in a number of groups, Paul has chaired the XML Query
  Working Group and the WS-Policy Working Group. Paul has also
  participated on both the W3C Advisory Board and the TAG.

* Maciej Stachowiak (Apple). Maciej is Manager of the
  WebKit WebApps Team at Apple, and a longtime developer on the
  WebKit open source browser engine. He was one of the earliest
  engineers on the Safari project. Maciej has been contributing to Web
  standards for some time, most notably HTML5, and the various
  specifications of the Web Apps Working Group. He is also a member
  of the WHATWG steering committee.

I would like to thank IBM, Apple and Microsoft for showing their
commitment to the group by enabling these three people to participate
as co-Chairs.

Why three co-Chairs? Clearly, there is a lot of work to do. Sam, Paul,
and Maciej bring particular skills to the job (whether it is Maciej's
experience with WebKit or Paul's with Working Group processes). I am
confident that these three will work out a chairing protocol where
progress is consistent with this group's culture.

The work of this group is tremendously important to the Web. I am
pleased that all three co-Chairs have taken on the responsibility for
working closely with the editor and group to make HTML 5 a success.

Tim Berners-Lee
Director, W3C

Received on Wednesday, 26 August 2009 14:14:22 UTC