Re: Spec with issue markers [was: Re: HTML5-warnings - request to publish as next heartbeat WD]

Joe D Williams wrote:
> Sam > From what I hear, plenty of people support this draft, but I 
> desperately don't want to reopen the discussion, so I am asking if there 
> is *anybody* who would prefer that we publish the editors draft as it 
> was before this change was made.
> Can someone give a link that lands close to one of these so I can be 
> sure what I am looking at?

Note: you might need to force your cache to reload in order to see it. 
What I see is a box with a color of "Deep Blue Hospital", and depending 
on the browser, a black shadow, with the following text:

Status: Last call for comments. ISSUE-10 (video-smil), ISSUE-7 
(video-codecs) and ISSUE-9 (video-synchronization) block progress to 
Last Call

The issues themselves are links.

- Sam Ruby

Received on Monday, 24 August 2009 16:19:51 UTC