Re: Spec with issue markers [was: Re: HTML5-warnings - request to publish as next heartbeat WD]

James Graham wrote:
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> This is now done; it is possible to generate the HTML5 spec with static 
> inline status markers (pulled from the WHATWG annotation system) and 
> ISSUE markers pulled from tracker (currently OPEN and RAISED issues; it 
> should be no problem to add PENDING REVIEW if necessary). Some sample 
> output is at [1]. My branch of anolis, and hence, 
> has gained the ability to add these annotations and also 
> gained the ability (at [2]) to generate a combined annotations/issues 
> file of the type needed as input when adding issue markers to a spec.
> ISSUE/section associations are picked up from tracker by looking for 
> strings in the description field of the form:
> HTML5-SPEC-SECTIONS [section1 section2 section3]
> i.e. a magic identifier followed by a square-bracket-enclosed, 
> space-separated list of ids.
> I suggest that we add such status/issue markers to the W3C versions of 
> the spec henceforth. This would seem to address many of the points made 
> in favour of publishing the "warnings" draft in the recent poll without 
> tripping over the substantial objections.
> ...

James, thanks a lot for putting this together. Ian, thanks for 
incorporating it. Manu, thanks for triggering the discussion. And, 
Maciej thanks a *lot* for the work on actually getting the number of 
open issues down.

BR, Julian

Received on Monday, 24 August 2009 13:00:02 UTC