Re: Path to Last Call (was closing various issues)

On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 7:07 AM, Steven
Faulkner<> wrote:
> Hi maciej,
>> I not heard any claims the ARIA integration work done so far is
>> insufficient for Last Call.
> as far as i can tell the ARIA spec text was only added in the last few days,
> and its presence was not signalled on the html wg or wai-xtech mailing lists
> (unless i missed it)  so it is not surpising little feedback has been
> forthcoming, hopefully the spec text and Ians questions will be discussed in
> this weeks PF meetings.

You are correct that it was not explicitly signaled, but Ian sent an
email [1] on August 21s to the HTML WG, wai-xtech, and
public-pfwg-comments (the latter two as recommended by the ARIA draft
[2]) detailing a number of questions arising from the integration of
ARIA and HTML5.  The text itself was added late August 20th or early
August 21st, depending on timezone, iirc.



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