Re: Proposal: <content> element

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 4:58 AM, Steven
Faulkner<> wrote:
> hi anne,
> I agree, a problem i see with inferring things from the google stats is that
> there is no indication of how often a class name is used on a page, also
> what are the relative uses of these or similar values as id values?
> if it is most often used singularly in the examples of
> header/footer/content, this would indicate that allowing multiple instances
> of these elements on a page, is not supported by the (unavailable) data.

So it looks like the main problem here is determining whether we're
asking for a counterpart to <header>/<footer>/<aside> and such
(without the implicit sectioning), or if we're asking for a
language-blessed replacement for #main.

I'm not sure if the former is useful.  For the latter, I basically
treat <article> as being that element.  It's not always going to be
such (you can have multiple <article>s on a page), but if an AT is
trying to skip down to something useful, skipping to the first
<article> would be a good start.


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