Re: feedback requested on WAI CG Consensus Resolutions on Text alternatives in HTML 5 document

On Sun, 16 Aug 2009, Sam Ruby wrote:
> Steven Faulkner posted a resolution.  I will note the following responses:
> 1) Ian Hickson[1][2]: "I don't understand"
> 2) Maciej Stachowiak [3][4][5]: "The material differences ... are"
> 3) Henri Sivonen [6]: "the following procedure should be followed"
> Between the three of you, nobody has provided any feedback on the 
> resolution itself.

I am unable to evaluate proposals without knowing what problems the 
proposals are trying to solve. I would *love* to be able to review this 

Here is my feedback in the absence of knowing what the point of the 
proposal is:

  I intend to merge ARIA in as soon as it is possible to do so in a well- 
  defined manner.

  The rest of the proposal appears to be a subset of what HTML5 says, so 
  as far as I can tell, it's already done.

However, without being able to evaluate it in the context of what problems 
it is trying to solve, this feedback is rather worthless.

I can't fix the spec if I don't know what the problems are. Just telling 
me what the spec should say without telling me why doesn't work, because I 
have no way of knowing whether what such a proposal says is intentionally 
in conflict with previous feedback that result in what the spec says, or 
if it is trying to solve some other problem and merely accidentally 
changed other things, or any number of other possibilities.

So yes: I don't understand. Could someone help me understand? Sam, do 
_you_ understand? Could you explain it?

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