ISSUE-20: table-headers - suggest closing on 2009-08-20

Sam Ruby and Dan Connolly asked me to resend my proposed issue  
closures in individual emails, with clear subject lines, and Cc'd to  
the issue originator when possible. Apologies for the spam. If there  
are no objections, I will close this issue on 2009-08-20.


ISSUE-20: table-headers - Improvements to the table-headers algorithm  
in the HTML 5 spec

The headers algorithm in HTML5 has adopted all proposed improvements,  
including respecting the headers="" attribute. All actions relating to  
this are closed. I believe all controversy around this issue is  
settled. I suggest we close it. If anyone wants to raise new technical  
feedback about the header association algorithm, they would remain  
free to do so.

In response to an earlier email, Laura Carlson pointed out that a test  
suite task remained. There was broad agreement that testing issues can  
be tracked in bugzilla and do not need to block Last Call.


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