Re: pause when media playback has ended

On Wed, 5 Aug 2009, Simon Pieters wrote:
> Currently the spec says that .paused will be false when media playback 
> has ended. However, this results in unexpected user interface with the 
> native controls. When playback has ended, I expect the play/pause button 
> to show "play", not "pause", because pausing does nothing while playing 
> will seek to the beginning and play.

Why can't the native controls just show the "play" button if _either_ 
.paused or .ended are true?

> Therefore I suggest that the spec should say to pause the video when it 
> has ended (when playing forwards).

This would mean that seeking once you've reached the end wouldn't resume 
playing, and would mean that if the last frame has interactive content 
that allows the user to implicitly seek, that that frame wouldn't work 

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