who would be interested in working with a Canvas object/2D API separate group

People have expressed varying degrees of interest in working with a 
Canvas object/2D immediate mode graphics API working group.

What's been stated is that at the time a vote to retain Canvas was 
taken, no one was willing to step up to be editor of the first draft, or 
willing to take the time to be in this group. That was the main reason 
at the time to keep Canvas, the object, the API, in the HTML 5 spec.

This could be partially true. I'm willing to step up to be editor, at 
least pro tem, for the first draft. I would also be willing to submit 
alternative text for the HTML 5 specification to handle this transition. 
Toby[1] already has, except for the issue of whether the change could be 
informative or normative, because of the use of ImageData with PostMessage.

I could not necessarily guarantee I could continue this effort, because 
I can't guarantee my financial state more than a month or two in the 
future. I wouldn't want to be Chair, and I'd prefer that the role of 
editor be filled by at least 2 or more people, selected by the group.

I plan on asking this same question elsewhere.

If it is true, and people aren't willing to step up to be part of this 
new working group, then I'll drop any further discussion of splitting 
the 2D API out of the HTML 5 specification, now and in the future. If 
there is sufficient interest, though, then I think that circumstance, 
and new information is such that this option could be re-opened, and a 
new effort undertaken.

This isn't a formal poll, or vote. Just trying to answer the question 
that seems to underly some of the current discussion: are people 
interested enough to actively participate.


[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2009Aug/0651.html

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