More suggested issues to close

 From review of issues 31-45

ISSUE-34 - commonality - Can we get access to tools that determine how  
often markup is used on the web?

I believe we now have some fully public ways of measuring markup, due  
to Philip Taylor and others. While we could use more, I don't think  
this issue should remain open and blocking Last Call. There is no spec  
change suggested here. Suggest closing.

ISSUE-36 - client-side-storage-sql - Client side database storage SQL  
statement support

Client-side SQL storage has been split into a separate spec, managed  
by Web API WG. Thus, this issue no longer applies to HTML5. Suggest  

ISSUE-37 - html-svg-mathml - Integration of SVG and MathML into text/ 

SVG and MathML have in fact been integrated. I don't think there is a  
proposal for further change on the table - but if there is a requested  
concrete syntax change, I believe it should go in its own issue.  
Suggest closing.

ISSUE-38 - style-attr-syntax - Syntax of the style attribute

HTML5 now says this:  "In user agents that support CSS, the  
attribute's value must be parsed when the attribute is added or has  
its value changed, with its value treated as the body (the part inside  
the curly brackets) of a declaration block in a rule whose selector  
matches just the element on which the attribute is set." < 
 > I believe this resolves the error handling conflict that Daniel  
Glazman was concerned about. Suggest closing.

ISSUE-43 - client-side image maps - Enhanced Client-side Image Maps

This was a feature suggestion for extending client-side image maps. It  
has not gained traction and as far as I can tell has not been pursued.  
It's too late to seriously consider new features now. Suggest closing.


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