More suggestions for issues to be closed

Consolidating the next batch of these - sorry for the spam earlier. I  
did not undertand how the issue tracker worked.

ISSUE-16: offline-applications-sql - offline applications and data  

   It looks like the suggestion in this issue was completed. In  
addition, SQL storage and LocalStorage have been split into  
independent specifications, and Application Cache has been implemented  
by multiple vendors

ISSUE-17: media-queries-tab-preprocessing - Vertical tab preprocessing  
for media queries

   Ian Hickson and Henri Sivonen agree that this has been fixed by  
changes to the HTML5 spec, specifically that U+000B isn't a whitespace  
character anymore in HTML5. They agree that it should be closed.

ISSUE-20: table-headers - Improvements to the table-headers algorithm  
in the HTML 5 spec

   The headers algorithm in HTML5 has adopted all proposed  
improvements, including respecting the headers="" attribute. All  
actions relating to this are closed. I believe all controversy around  
this issue is settled. I suggest we close it. If anyone wants to raise  
new technical feedback about the header association algorithm, they  
would remain free to do so.

ISSUE-26: accessibility/usability of HTML5 and W3C default stylesheets

   This issue is about accessibility of the spec text itself, and does  
not request technical changes. Some of the suggested improvements have  
been made, others are pending needed tools changes. I don't think  
these kinds of improvements need to block Last Call - we should file  
the remaining suggestions in bugzilla and close this issue.

ISSUE-28: http-mime-override - Content type rules in HTML 5 overlaps  
with the HTTP specification?

   The HTML5 spec completely defers to Adam Barth's MIME sniffing  
draft. Thus, the HTML5 spec text at issue here no longer exist. This  
issue should be closed.

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