Re: [DRAFT] Heartbeat poll - update 6 - on to implementation

Jonas Sicking wrote:
> What happens if the poll indicates support for only publishing Manu's
> draft, but not Ian's? Does that mean that effectively we are
> indicating that we want to discontinue Ian's draft with Ian as editor
> and instead use Manu's draft with Manu as editor? Or are we expecting
> Ian to pick up Manu's draft?

Absolutely not.  Permit me to flip that question on its head.  If the 
outcome is that we are to only publish one document and that document is 
to be Ian's that in no way means that Manu is forever banned from ever 
submitting other drafts for consideration?  Of course not.  The same is 
true for Ian given the scenario you described.

> If the former, is that something Manu is willing to do?

N/A: but I will add that it is my expectation that the WHATWG will 
continue its efforts, and that the W3C draft and the WHATWG draft will 
either eventually merge again or that there will be at most be a small 
set of deltas between the two documents.

> If the latter, at what disgression does Ian have to remove the
> warnings as they have to be removed at some point I would imagine (at
> latest when going into candidate recommendation?)

N/A: but I will add that Ian will continue to have complete discretion 
over the documents he choses to put his name on.  As will the W3C.

> Or is the answer something altogether different given that this is
> just a poll and not a formal vote?

We are at the point where I am simply going to make an informed decision 
and proceed based on the results of this poll.  That decision will not 
be binding on any future decision.  For example, no matter what the 
outcome, it does not mean that summary couldn't become either fully 
conforming or fully non-conforming in subsequent Working Drafts.

> / Jonas

- Sam Ruby

Received on Monday, 10 August 2009 21:32:02 UTC