Re: HTML5-warnings - motivations

Manu Sporny wrote:
> You and Ian are questioning my motives for asking for the HTML5-warnings
> document to be published as a WD. Rather than let you assert what my
> intentions are, we should address these dubious claims head on:

I won't question your motives, but I will note that the issues mentioned 
in your draft in the Microdata[1] section weren't previously raised as 
an Issue[2].

I'll also ask when/where was "An additional alternative that is being 
proposed is the removal of Microdata and RDFa from the HTML5 
specification" raised?  I've seen a (preliminary, not submitted tot he 
WG) proposal from you to include RDFa alongside Microdata, but I don't 
recall a proposal to remove Microdata.

Note: I am not suggesting that your draft be revised.  If there is an 
issue and/or a proposal, I simply want to track it or them.

- Sam Ruby


Received on Monday, 10 August 2009 15:53:36 UTC