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Le 7 août 2009 à 10:14, Charles McCathieNevile a écrit :
> Likewise I hope that the
> working group in general does consider the Web to embrace not just the
> things indexed by Google and regurgitated by them to sell  
> advertising, but
> also the contents of issue management systems used inside Opera  
> (which is
> published in HTML, even though we don't give the whole world access to
> it), the vast body of information on the W3C website that is only
> accessible to W3C members, or just to the Team, the course content and
> student management systems at Carlos III University in Madrid, and the
> rest of the massive amount of information that is not on the "Public  
> Web",
> but takes advantage of the standards that underpin a useful  
> technology to
> provide better service more efficiently in myriad ways around the  
> world.

You can also consider

* all files that people create and manage on their own computers as  
* Software documentation accessible through the installation of the  
* epub format (ebook) which is an xhtml derivatives.
* etc.

> in this case HTML 5 in particular, for use in
> controlled environments *is* an important concern for this group.

In addition, there are features in the format which are used and  
useful in controlled environments and less used on the public Web.   
For example, meta keywords, author and description are used by  
Spotlight (on MacOSX) to index html document (.html suffix), when the  
same features are barely used by public search engines. [Note:  
Spotlight does not index so far the XHTML document (.xhtml suffix)].

     <meta name="author"      content="Karl Dubost" />
     <meta name="keywords"    content="html5, canard, grotte, platon" />
     <meta name="description" content="Une communauté qui marche sur  
la tête" />

Karl Dubost -
Près de vous, madame, oubliant les cieux,
L'astronome étonné se trouble ;
C'est dans l'éclat caressant de vos yeux,
Qu'il avait cru trouver l'étoile double.

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