Re: Movement on @summary

On Aug 6, 2009, at 22:16, Murray Maloney wrote:

> In this case, the presence of a summary attribute might provide some/ 
> all of the following advice:
>        - The location of the <TABLE summary="..." ...>  use.
>        - The [importance] level of the message, for recognition and  
> filtering.
>        - Message ID
>        - For now, mention that this attribute is expected to be  
> phased out of HTML in future
>             in favor of other markup mechanisms, which could be  
> listed as they become available.
>        - When the future arrives, mention that @summary is now  
> obsolete, and list alternatives.
>        - A verbose message might include a paragraph that exorts  
> authors to exhaust all
>          other approaches before resorting to the use of @summary,  
> and to avoid using
>         @summary except as recommended in [URI TBD].
> I have not had much useful feedback on this idea, and while I am not  
> offering to do
> the work for you, I would appreciate your constructive criticism of  
> this idea.

I think redesigning the messaging mechanism of in order  
to resolve unsettled working group permathreads wouldn't be a good way  
to proceed. While there may be other valid reasons to redesign the  
messaging mechanism along these lines some day, doing it for the  
summary attribute would be disproportionate to the importance of the  
summary attribute relative to everything else a validator could care  

Henri Sivonen

Received on Friday, 7 August 2009 06:32:11 UTC