Re: summary attribute compromise proposal

On Aug 4, 2009, at 1:16 PM, Laura Carlson wrote:

> Hi Shelley,
> You wrote to Maciej:
>> I appreciate that you tried to find a compromise, and admire your
>> effort. But the issue really isn't between Ian and John.
> +1
> Table summary is an open issue in the HTML WG Tracker.  And it should
> be marked as open in the spec, whether John's or Ian's or some
> combination of words are used.
> Cynthia Shelly has Action 128 to "Work with PF to find an owner for
> drafting @summary text proposal" [1]. Let's give Cynthia a chance.

I'm not inclined to withdraw my compromise proposal, just because  
someone else has 9 days left to find yet another person to eventually  
make a different proposal. But I welcome comments on the substance.


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