Re: summary attribute compromise proposal

John Foliot On 09-08-04 21.02:

> Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

>> 1) HTML5 will continue to list and advise use of new
>> techniques that can be alternatives to summary="".
> Agreed.  In fact IMHO replace 'will' with 'should'.  Progress
> benefits all.

John, since "progress" for the moment is linked to Ian's specific
proposal, and since it doesn't seem like Ian proposed something
that would make the summary part of the caption programmatically
identifiable as a summary, I wonder whether, according to you - as
soon as the summary is visible to all - sighted and unsighted,
it isn't necessary to identify it as a summary anymore?

In other words, I ask if not Julian is right [1]:

> This would compute if HTML5 was proposing something that
> actually can replace @summary (*); as far as I can tell, this
> is currently not the case.

> (*) In that it's by default invisible, but will be used by
> current AT.

leif halvard silli

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