Re: heartbeat poll and an abstain option

Hi Julian,

> my understanding is the poll will allow is to articulate a preference about
> how the spec should treat @summary.

Yes. Delineating open issues [1] in the spec and following W3C's due
process is reasonable. The spec could be updated in this manner for
other open issues [2] (@profile etc).  John's text mends the process
in one quintessential example, namely @summary. It is a good start.

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 [1]: Sam Ruby wrote to John Foloit

> The way I would prefer to proceed with issues like this is for people
> like yourself to draft an even-toned text expressing the fact that this
> is an "open issue" (indicated in red boxes in the document, and marked
> up with class="XXX") and for the draft to be published after this has
> been added to the document.  By even toned, I mean that things like
> "unresolved" and "direct contradiction with WCAG 2 Guidance" are fine


Laura L. Carlson

Received on Tuesday, 4 August 2009 13:34:17 UTC