heartbeat poll and an abstain option

Perhaps it's just me, and Sam correct me, but I think we're getting
off track on the heartbeat poll.

We're arguing about the state of @summary in HTML 5 going forward, but
the heartbeat poll only has to do with the text that's in the next
formally published Working Draft. Once published, the text of the
draft could be altered and @summary added back in as an "obsolete but
conforming" attribute again. Then we'll have to start all over again.

The reason I'm asking for clarification in this regard is that I am
interested in a poll or vote about including @summary in a final
version of HTML 5, but I will most likely abstain from voting (poll or
otherwise) in regards to the Working Draft as it is now worded. I have
several issues with the document, and am concerned that any vote will
be seen as supporting either document, and I don't support either

However, it is publishing a Working Draft, which we can then use as a
base on which to create alternative text for submitting to the group.
One of the problems those of us interested in submitting alternative
text is that the Editor's Draft is in constant state of change, and a
Working Draft would provide a solid basis on which to build change. I
have no interest in holding up the publication, I just don't want to
imply any support for either version currently being considered via
this upcoming poll.

Sam can we have an abstain option in that poll? Or does that really
only apply with a vote? I don't want to just not vote or participate,
I'd like to provide information about why I'm abstaining from a vote.


Received on Tuesday, 4 August 2009 13:22:19 UTC