Re: [DRAFT] Heartbeat poll - update 2

On Aug 2, 2009, at 4:02 PM, John Foliot wrote:

> Frankly I really don't care about @summary enough to be spending all  
> this
> time and effort on: it is an open action item at the HTML WG (Issue  
> 32),
> that has been making its way through process.  I would abide by any
> decision reached that way.  I take serious umbrage however with the  
> fact
> that the current editor sees fit to pre-ordain the result, and  
> moreover
> tell content authors to ignore existing WAI guidance.

This is simply a misunderstanding of the process. The draft does not  
pre-ordain a result, it's a proposal to the Working Group. The issue  
remains open, and the Editor specifically asked for a vote. So far  
we've failed to hold a vote because no one has provided suitable text.  
The lack of final decision is now disrupting the working group. I  
would like to see this issue definitively resolved.

Since no one has proposed suitable polling text for the actual  
summary="" issue so far, I volunteer to do so. If the chairs are ok  
with me doing it, I can have polling text ready by Friday at the  
latest that I believe most people will find acceptable. In the  
meantime, I think we should either publish a Working Draft as is, and  
be ready to republish after the summary="" issue is resolved, or wait  
to publish until we've resolved the summary issue.

I think the desire to publish quickly to meet the heartbeat  
requirement, combined with the desire to tie this and other issues to  
publication, is not conducive to good decision making.


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