Re: [DRAFT] Heartbeat poll - update 2

On Aug 2, 2009, at 4:03 AM, Sam Ruby wrote:

> Recapping the current state, as I understand it.
> Ian has updated the current draft acknowledging that this is an  
> issue. His acknowledgment, and the surrounding text, has been worded  
> in a way that implies that the default will be obsolete, where John  
> would be satisfied if this were worded in a way that the default is  
> deprecated. Either way, it is still an open issue, and whichever way  
> the default may seem to be in August does not in any way constrain  
> the final outcome.
> If John removes his objection, and nobody else comes forward, then  
> there will be no remaining options, and therefore no poll.  If he  
> does not, there are two options:
>  1) Publish with @summary marked as obsolete
>  2) Publish with @summary marked as deprecated
> If the state does not change between now and tomorrow, I'm going to  
> instruct Mike to put forward such a poll, with the results to be  
> discussed in Thursday's call and a decision to be made there.

> The purpose of this email is to invite anybody who sees the state  
> differently than I do to correct me.

I don't see the state differently than you do, but I don't understand  
the poll options you listed enough that I could make an informed  
decision. Specifically, I don't understand if we will we just be  
voting on a wording change, or if there a substantive change implied.  
Not for lack of trying -- in my email discussion with John, I was  
unable to determine a substantive difference between "deprecated" as  
he understood it and the spec's current use of "obsolete", but he  
didn't say it's just a matter of word choice either.

I'd like to request wording for the poll options that is clear enough  
for WG participants to make an informed decision.


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