Re: The meaning of "obsolete" in HTML5 (was Re: [DRAFT] Heartbeat poll)

>> That's not to say in the next month or two, folks might come up with a
>> preferred replacement for summary. If so, then deprecating summary, as
>> deprecating is meant in HTML 4, would make a great deal of sense.
> Exactly.  There is a pressing need however to create a heartbeat document
> very soon...  My preference would be to leave @summary as undetermined,
> but if that is a 'state' that the processors/validators cannot handle,
> then deprecated is a temporary middle ground that I *personally* could
> live with at this time, although I cannot speak for others within either
> the HTML WG or the web accessibility community.  I am more concerned
> however about the conflicting guidance issue than whether or not @summary
> meets a gold standard solution... in fairness the evidence against its
> implementation cannot be willed away either.

Ah, OK. I must admit that I'm thinking beyond the heartbeat document,  
which probably means my input should have waited until this particular 
debate is over.

I agree with you that there is conflicting guidance about summary. 
Conflicting, and confusing, and not necessarily following any technical 
specification, or document I know of.

> JF

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