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> On 6/26/09 8:50 AM, Henri Sivonen wrote:
>> On Jun 26, 2009, at 11:53, Steven Faulkner wrote:
>>> ARIA integration in HTML 5, to date there is no mention of ARIA in the
>>> HTML 5 spec, I understand that the editor is waiting for ARIA last
>>> call comments before proceeding, but there is already  1 complete
>>> implementation in IE 8 and 1 pretty much complete implementation in
>>> Firefox, while many of the features of HTML 5 have not been
>>> implemented in any browsers as yet, so i don't understand why work
>>> cannot start.
>> Is there now a spec that is detailed enough so that Opera and WebKit  
>> can follow without reverse engineering either IE8 or Firefox and  
>> interoperate with IE8 and Firefox? That is, what's the status of the  
>> Implementor's Guide?
>> (For those who haven't read the main ARIA spec: The ARIA spec itself  
>> doesn't cover UA implementation.)
> The implementation guide is coming along well and it is our hope that it  
> will be detailed enough to support great interoperability. Let us know  
> if you see any gaps, and we'll make sure they are in, or get added to  
> our todo list.
> (
> Unfortunately we still don't have representation from Opera and  
> Webkit/Apple-Safari/Google-Chrome in the group.

Right. In our case this is simply a question of resources - participation  
in that group would be at the direct cost of implementation. Having  
resolved the namespace issue that threatened to make ARIA unimplementable,  
in a way that seems satisfactory to everyone, we are focusing on  
implementation for the next little while.

If we find stuff we think is problematic, we will of course return to the  
group to explain...



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